Clinics & Services

Family planning

Our family planning service offers advice and information about pregnancy, contraception and sexual health.

Included in our service is:

  • confidential advice about contraception
  • the combined oral contraceptive pill
  • the progestogen-only pill
  • progestogen injections
  • free emergency contraception
  • confidential advice about STIs
  • cervical screening
  • unplanned pregnancy advice
  • pre-conception advice and fertility awareness information
  • vasectomy counselling and referral
  • referral for termination of pregnancy
  • menopause advice
  • sterilisation counselling and referral


We advise a home pregnancy test as the hospital no longer process routine pregnancy tests.  These are very reliable. When you know you are pregnant, please make an appointment so that we can refer you to maternity services. Generally your maternity care will be shared between us, our community midwife and a hospital 

Non-NHS Services

There are several services such as signing forms for passports, private insurance forms, medicals for driving etc, which are not covered under the NHS. You will therefore be asked to pay the a fee for such services.